Stories by Kim S Nash and Divina Paredes

State of the CIO 2011: Growth on the agenda

While there’s no free-wheeling IT spending going on (unless you’re hiding that information), our annual State of the CIO research confirms the rumour: The Great Recession has indeed abated.
Heading into 2011, many CIOs are investing in projects to improve staff productivity, make business processes more efficient and promote innovation. These transformational and strategic activities signal that the retrenchment that ruled the past two years is, thankfully, over.

Written by Kim S Nash and Divina Paredes13 Feb. 11 22:00

Acting on opportunity

You thought you knew what business-IT alignment was.
But fighting the dark forces of recession has really taught the lesson. To some of you, anyway.

Written by Kim S Nash and Divina Paredes08 March 10 22:00