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Talking shop

Picture your audience naked. It's the age-old advice given to public speakers everywhere. There's no denying that oration is a skill some seem to be born with while others have to work hard to master – but most people probably have a lot more raw talent in this area than they realise.
Technologists in particular have been given a bum rap when it comes to public presentation. But as the profile of technology rises within organisations, and with it the profile of the leader, more effective communication skills are valued, even expected, of ¬senior IT executives more than ever before.

Written by Rachel Bolton02 Oct. 10 22:00

Microsoft hits back over Gartner jibes

Microsoft has hit back against jibes from the world's largest technology analyst firm, Gartner, which attacked its Windows Mobile operating system last week and questioned its future in an enterprise context.
At Gartner's annual symposium in Sydney last week, analyst Robin Simpson advised companies not to invest in Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform.

Written by Rachel Bolton23 Nov. 09 22:00