Stories by William Mace

Kiwi tech start-up secures Nokia investment

Kiwi tech start-up OpenCloud Limited has secured a £4 million [NZ$8.5m] investment from one of the world's biggest telecommunications companies, Nokia Siemens Networks [NSN].
Founded in Wellington in 2000 but now headquartered in the UK, OpenCloud develops Java-based software that telcos can use to distribute new products and services.

Written by William Mace09 Sept. 10 22:00

Software steers travellers from disaster

Serko has become the software of choice for travel management firms and their corporate clients globally.
It allows firms to book and modify their own travel arrangements while still accessing the discount fares offered through travel agents.

Written by William Mace17 May 10 22:00

Translating data is a business art form

Sonya Crosby, managing director of Auckland-based research company Datamine, can explain much of what her company does with a simple diagram. She draws a generic sales graph on a sheet of paper and circles the bottom end, where the curve pinches down on the axis.
"These people are costing you the same amount in marketing dollars as these people [at the top end], but they're spending nothing."

Written by William Mace09 May 10 22:00

Netting value from social media

The growing global chatter on web-based social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter has only been matched by the hype surrounding its potential marketing value.
A community of analysts, experts, consultants and bloggers has sprung up to encourage and inform businesses about the practical and profitable implications of the social media trend. We ask three such experts for tips and how they see the future of social media marketing.

Written by William Mace01 March 10 22:00