Stories by Ann-Maree Moodie

A new set of tools

It's growing like Topsy and it's here to stay, for now, but the spread and popularity of social media raises an important question for commercial enterprises: what are the risks to a company's share price and reputation if the opinion-driven, sometimes truth-defiant world of blogging, tweeting and posting is not carefully monitored?
Protecting corporate reputation is one thing. Managing corporate information,especially of the kind that falls into the category of continuous disclosure, is another.

Written by Ann-Maree Moodie05 May 10 22:00

Secret men's business revealed

Norwegian research reveals that private, manipulative decision-making is rife on company boards and that some directors are more equal than others.
An academic study from the Scandinavian country that mandates that company boards must comprise at least 40 per cent women confirms what many female directors already know: Men are chronically underprepared for board meetings.

Written by Ann-Maree Moodie16 Sept. 08 22:00

A lion's roar is heard in trademark law

It is illegal to copy the sound of the lion's roar at the beginning of an MGM-produced film, or the drum role that heralds a 20th Century Fox feature. The five-tone sound used by Intel is protected in Australia, New Zealand and the US; you can even get into murky legal waters if you copy the default ring-tone of a Nokia mobile phone.
Sounds, shapes, colours and smells are some of the more unusual items that are increasingly being protected domestically and internationally by intellectual property (IP) law.

Written by Ann-Maree Moodie16 Feb. 08 22:00

A relationship not for the bottom drawer

Imagine this: A small business with 50 employees outsources its payroll function to a third party. All is well with the arrangement until the day the outsource provider's computer systems fail and the company's employees don't get paid.
The work floor is militant and the union orders all its members to strike. The action takes place just as the company is supposed to fulfil a major contract. The production line for other clients is also adversely affected.

Written by Ann-Maree Moodie29 Sept. 07 22:00