Stories by Dr Steve Hodgkinson

Target: Compounding organisational learning

Success in the modern digital economy is substantially a matter of getting started earlier and learning faster. Try new things. Discover what works and do more of it. Discover what doesn’t work and do less of it.

Written by Dr Steve Hodgkinson25 Nov. 13 06:00

Shared services: Testing the maturity of CIO functions

As governments on a global basis seek to reduce business-as-usual ICT costs, many are turning to centralisation and shared services to harness economies of scale. Shared services offer an apparently elegant solution to the problems of excessive devolution of ICT.
While the logic of consolidation, rationalisation, and economies of scale is undeniable, making the new organisational relationships work is another matter. Shared ICT services face a challenging “many-to-one” dynamic, if they are expected to serve a multitude of different masters – many departments and agencies and their subsidiary divisions, programmes, and project teams all acting independently.

Written by Dr Steve Hodgkinson27 April 10 22:00

Desktop warfare

The IBM and Microsoft dreadnoughts passed in the night in 2007 and are charting different courses to the looming enterprise desktop battle next year. Both equipped themselves with shiny new ordnance this year, but their strategy and tactics couldn’t be more different.
Microsoft continues its quest to convince the world that it ‘owns’ the sea lanes by using its Open XML treaty to extend the stranglehold of its dominant position, while IBM further deepens its alliances with rebel forces and its leverage of open standards and open source assets.

Written by Dr Steve Hodgkinson03 Dec. 07 22:00