Stories by Jenny Mortimer

Cut the waste, not the people

Although New Zealanders are working longer hours than our peers we are still slipping backwards in the achievement tables. We seem to have lost the ability to just get on and get the job done. Managers are always being asked to cut costs, to deliver faster, to be more efficient, but right now these demands are even louder. Do you know how to be lean? Do you know how to deliver more with less?
Knee-jerk reactions are to cut staff, to outsource, to reorganise and call it ‘Transformation’, to implement the latest models of good practice, and to bring in yet another troupe of expensive suits to tell you what you’re doing wrong. And if you don’t scurry to perform these measures then the CEO might replace you with a bright, shiny new CIO who will.

Written by Jenny Mortimer05 April 10 22:00