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Hope for the tiger

To put it mildly, the Year of the Ox 2009 has been ‘disruptive and unsettling’ for Asia’s IT and communications industries. Everybody has high hopes for a major improvement in the Year of the Tiger 2010.
Hong Kong’s enterprise IT industry was perhaps hit the hardest by the recession, along with Singapore, due to their relatively large exposure to financial institutions, and the disrupted plans to set up technology centres; Malaysia fared better.

Written by MIS Asia16 Jan. 10 22:00

Flying with first class ICT

David Brett, president of Amadeus Asia Pacific, sheds light on the changing travel landscape and how technology is helping airlines to keep customers happy.
When selecting an airline to fly with, what factors do you consider?

Written by MIS Asia21 Sept. 09 22:00

Few firms manage risk well

Companies fear the collapse of their IT systems more than they do terrorism, natural disasters, financial risk or regulatory constraints.
But most do not manage IT risk effectively, according to a recent report by the Economist Intelligence Unit. The report, Coming to Grips with IT Risk, surveyed 145 senior executives worldwide.

Written by MIS Asia22 Aug. 07 22:00