Stories by Mike Hanley

Get seriously organised

It is (like giving up the coffin nails) the perpetual new year's resolution: get more organised. Perhaps it's not so much that you are any more disorganised than last year, it's just that the world of work has multiplied in complexity, even in the past 12 months.
What with your iPhone apps, Twitter accounts, multiple logins, Facebook yada yada, "getting things done" has become a full-time job in itself.

Written by Mike Hanley02 Dec. 09 22:00

It's resilience that counts

In October 2003, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs received some alarming news. Neck deep in the now famous turnaround of the company, Jobs underwent a routine abdominal scan that revealed a tumour in his pancreas.
A diagnosis of pancreatic cancer can mean a swift and unavoidable death, but Jobs had a rare, and treatable, form of the disease. If he underwent an operation, chances were high he would survive for at least 10 years.

Written by Mike Hanley28 May 08 22:00

Next please

It's just on noon. At the local food hall, fast-food outlets are gearing
up for the lunchtime rush, the bank of registers waiting to open quickly

Written by Mike Hanley23 Oct. 07 21:00

If the price is right

If you arrive at a convention hotel without a booking in the middle of an exhibition and there is a room available, you will be paying more than the regular tariff. On the other hand, many inner-city hotels that rely on business travellers have cheap weekend rates on Saturday nights designed to attract customers who would not be interested in staying otherwise.
The hotel industry has long been aware that customer demand for its product varies, depending on the time and day. As a result, hotel tariffs, which are designed to maximise both revenue and occupancy rates by pricing along customer-demand curves, change. In a nutshell, this is "price optimisation" - adjusting price according to the customer's willingness to pay, or demand-side pricing. The same is true of the airline industry: it is rare to sit next to someone on a plane who has paid the same price as you.

Written by Mike Hanley22 Aug. 07 22:00