Stories by Kevin Chinnery

Old lessons revisited

The airline was a roaring success. A brashly marketed no-frills, low-fare insurgent which quickly made inroads into its full-service competitors. Expansion beckoned, and it started adding a flashier service.
In doing so, it lost sight of the reasons for its success and compromised its original strategy for growth's sake, Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter wrote in his 1985 classic, Competitive Advantage.

Written by Kevin Chinnery04 Nov. 09 22:00

Beware spreadsheet complacency

They are cheap, widely used, highly effective, and dangerous if not used under proper supervision.
Spreadsheets, starting in the 1980s with the humble Lotus 123, have evolved into formidable analytical engines, and are heavily used for planning and forecasting in businesses and for drawing up statutory accounts and reports.

Written by Kevin Chinnery20 Sept. 09 22:00