Stories by Gina McColl

Weigh up the balance

In tough times, many businesses think they cannot afford to offer work-life balance programs.
Experts and leading businesses think they can't afford not to. Such programs improve morale and productivity in a workforce - particularly important when staff are unsettled by a reduction in numbers or reduced working hours. Even workforces unaffected by the squeeze benefit.

Written by Gina McColl24 Oct. 09 22:00

The quick and the dead

It is the great conundrum. How do managers get a big, established company with its host of rules and procedures to behave like a small, nimble, entrepreneurial one? This tension is at the heart of managing for innovation.
Companies need a standardised process to help them work efficiently and meet budgets, control risk, ensure quality and plan for the future. Although necessary, this bureaucracy can be a dead weight, ensuring a culture that fosters a "things have always been done this way" attitude. And this affects not only the internal processes of a company, but also its development of new products and services.

Written by Gina McColl12 March 08 22:00