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Streets ahead

Semi-trailers barrelling up and down Australia’s highways and city streets are not the kinds of things eco-warriors look upon with warmth. In fact, it’s no doubt comforting for greenies to know that transport and logistics operator Linfox Logistics is among the first of several hundred companies that must reveal just how much pollution they produce.
But Linfox’s group manager for environment and climate change, David McInnes, isn’t worried at all. Tracking emissions is old hat for his company, which launched its CO2 monitoring program in 2007 – well before the National Greenhouse Emissions Reporting Scheme came into effect. What’s more, Linfox is one of the few Australian companies that has already given itself the ability to price carbon into its finance system, a key step in preparation for any emissions trading scheme.

Written by Ben Woodhead07 Sept. 09 22:00

Westpac set for colossal revamp

Westpac Banking lifted the lid on its hotly anticipated five year information technology strategy earlier this month. Usually the stuff of geeks in the corporate back office, this plan was far more closely watched than most as it laid out a roadmap for welding Westpac's computer and communications systems to those of St George Bank.
It's a high risk task and one that Westpac said will cost A$300 million over two years. That's a lot of money in anyone's book, but it's also just a fraction of what the bank will need to spend.

Written by Ben Woodhead25 May 09 22:00

Power of sharing

As the financial world went into shock on the infamous Lehman Brothers Monday of September 15, 2008, finance chiefs across North America and Europe struck a line through billions of dollars' worth of technology spending.
Major vendors, including SAP, Intel and Microsoft, felt the squeeze almost instantly, and warned investors to expect huge declines in revenue in coming months.

Written by Ben Woodhead03 May 09 22:00

Anger rises at those tangling in the web

Known as behavioural targeting, the practice has provoked a European Union lawsuit against the British government and sparked a number of US congressional hearings.
Speaking at a web conference in Madrid yesterday, Tim Berners-Lee added his voice to those concerned about the potential impact on privacy of behavioural targeting systems that attach directly to an internet service provider's network.

Written by Ben Woodhead23 April 09 22:00

Airlines put savings plan on paper

The International Air Transport Association has set aggressive new information technology-led savings targets as the faltering global economy threatens to drag aviation industry revenue down as much as $US35 billion this year.
The fresh plan, finalised in late 2008, could cut industry costs by an additional US$3.7 billion a year if carriers succeeded in eliminating all paper documents used in shipping goods by air.

Written by Ben Woodhead19 Jan. 09 22:00

ANZ reveals tech tactics

Australia and New Zealand Banking Group chairman Charles Goode

Written by Ben Woodhead17 Dec. 08 22:00

Apple bruised as buyers opt for Microsoft

Consumers are showing that the global financial crisis is dulling
their appetites for premium information technology products with sales

Written by Ben Woodhead16 Dec. 08 22:00

It's all systems go at merged banks

Offering a first glimpse at its future computing plans, Westpac
Banking Corp said yesterday it would pump $338 million into

Written by Ben Woodhead16 Dec. 08 22:00

Slowdown in US 'worse than 2001'

The US information technology industry finished last week with a
flurry of bad news as equipment makers cut forecasts and reports

Written by Ben Woodhead09 Dec. 08 22:00

Airline merger could land big savings

Information technology savings reaped from a merger of Qantas and
British Airways could run into tens of millions of dollars as the

Written by Ben Woodhead04 Dec. 08 22:00

Westpac recruits troops for integration

Westpac Banking Corporation is assembling a team of senior information
technology executives to drive integration and core banking system

Written by Ben Woodhead23 Nov. 08 22:00

Sun may yet set on local workforce

Sun, once one of the world's dominant makers of high-end servers,
employs about 650 people in Australia and as many as 120 positions

Written by Ben Woodhead16 Nov. 08 22:00

Integration will be costly for Westpac

St George Bank shareholders have fired the starter's gun on one of
Australia's riskiest and most expensive information technology

Written by Ben Woodhead13 Nov. 08 22:00

Microsoft looks for silver lining in cloud computing

When it comes to "cloud computing", there's the way most technology vendors are doing it, and then there's Microsoft's way.
Google, and are just some of the emerging cloud-computing players who have proclaimed that an internet browser is all businesses need to tap into web-based software services.

Written by Ben Woodhead10 Nov. 08 22:00