Stories by Kath Walters

Happy to be here

he daily news is crushingly bad. Newspapers read like obituary pages.
The official surveys tell us what we already know - we are anxious as hell about our jobs, our mortgages, our futures. The trillions of government dollars thrown at the financial crisis do not soothe us.

Written by Kath Walters21 April 09 22:00

Mind over grey matter

Glen Farrow, intent on his paperwork, looks like any executive toiling
through the bureaucratic maze. But he is not. Farrow is working out in

Written by Kath Walters27 Dec. 08 22:00

Power of one on one

Lack of skilled staff is stifling the ability of companies to innovate, a report by accounting firm Deloitte, based on talks with 480 chief executives, found.
"There are about a quarter of a million skilled workers needed to fill the existing void," the report's author, Tom Imbesi, a lead partner with Deloitte's manufacturing team, says.

Written by Kath Walters05 May 08 22:00