Stories by Lisa Allen

Another route

The days of executives bedding down in plush hotels after a few hours of swilling champagne on the corporate jet have been banished from civilised corporate behaviour. At independent travel manager Goldman Travel Corporation, which handles company travel accounts, general manager David Goldman says his 25 consultants find that people are spending less. "People are thinking twice about trips."
As the global crisis deepens, companies are cutting back on costs, downgrading hotels and booking best-of-day airfares in economy seats on budget carriers. "Everyone is looking at costs, even the clients of our clients," says Peter Hosper, managing director of global group The Travel Authority. He cites law firms putting their travel bills under more scrutiny. "A law firm would [once] on-charge anything and everything and would not [reduce] that cost because it didn't interest them," he says. "People are now under more scrutiny and are taking a much deeper interest."

Written by Lisa Allen28 March 09 23:00