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The CIO's role in IT business alignment

Every information technology (IT) project typically follows a systems development life cycle or SDLC. The SDLC is a conceptual model used in project management and involves multiple stages from the initial feasibility study through to development and implementation to the maintenance of the application system. Traditional timeframes for a full cycle range from less than six months to more than two years although the latter timeframes are normally broken down into discrete phases of between six to 12 months. However, in today's fast changing environment, shorter timeframes are the norm as organisations seek to become more responsive towards their stakeholders.
From a governance perspective, as a norm, projects are usually managed by a project manager or in the case of larger and more complex projects, a project director. The role of the CIOs typically resides at the level above the project manager/director as the project co-sponsor together with the line of business head for whom the application system is being developed. Only in very large and strategic projects does the CEO come in as the project sponsor with the CIO taking on a more direct role in the project to update the CEO on the project's progress and ensuring its success.

Written by Raphael Phang21 March 09 23:00