Stories by Lisa Carapiet

Towards mission zero

WHEN INTERFACE Inc founder Ray Anderson sat his sales team down 15 years ago and told them the key to saving the planet was not just under their feet, it was also in the hands of the outside community, they asked him if he had lost his mind. The chairman of the Atlanta-based carpet maker hadn't. But he set the company on the climb towards a zero environmental footprint by 2020 and became a global role model in the process.
"I just stunned them and amazed myself with this whole new challenge in my 61st year," he says. "I simply said, 'If Paul Hawken [author of The Ecology of Commerce, 1993] is right, and business and industry must lead, who will lead business and industry? Unless somebody leads, nobody will. Why not us?' They accepted the challenge."

Written by Lisa Carapiet21 Oct. 08 22:00

Data centres too hot to handle

Power-hungry data centres and computer rooms are posing a major challenge to efforts to improve the green credentials of buildings.
As demand for information and communication (ICT) technology equipment increased, such systems were overtaking lighting as the biggest source of power use in office buildings, Roberts Weaver Group consulting director David McEwen said.

Written by Lisa Carapiet10 July 08 22:00