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Extreme makeover: The CIA edition

Nearly three years into his term as the CIO of the CIA, one of Al Tarasiuk’s most critical duties has been to infuse more corporate-like thinking into the CIA’s IT operations and staff. “My boss,” Tarasiuk says of CIA Director General Michael Hayden, “asked me to establish ‘corporate everything’ for IT — to the [fullest] extent possible”.
But then, just as easily as Tarasiuk discusses agile development and SOA and IT governance — typical CIO stuff — he solemnly switches to the harsh realities of his particular line of business. When asked about information-sharing failures surrounding 9/11, he chafes a little. “I won’t comment on how we got to 9/11,” he says, “but I can comment on how we’ve improved since that.”

Written by Wailgum06 Oct. 08 22:00