Stories by Kirsten Lees

Eager to please

They have started serving donuts and juice at my local branch of the Commonwealth Bank on Fridays. I usher my child past the plate of pink-iced treats and the man in the dark suit sitting, smiling, beside them. As a respectably cynical bank customer, I take my place in the queue, eyes narrowed, calculating just how many free cakes I would have to force-feed my two year old to cover the late fee on this month's credit card alone.
But by the time I have withdrawn my money, and had a fee waived on the advice of a friendly customer service rep, I am feeling a little less like suing the bank for pushing childhood obesity and more inclined to allow my son to help himself to a couple of cheesy snacks on the way out.

Written by Kirsten Lees24 Sept. 08 22:00