Stories by Jane Lindhe

The new corporate addiction

It is an insatiable addiction that has an unspoken acceptance among many companies - and most senior executives are sufferers.
But as the "crackberry" phenomenon intensifies, more companies are taking a stand against their BlackBerry-obsessed employees and enforcing a blanket ban on the devices.

Written by Jane Lindhe09 July 08 22:00

Management for the ages

With up to four generations employed in the workplace today, using different techniques to manage people of various ages has never been so important. Although each generation has its own needs, what is typical of all employees is a desire for work-life balance.
Managers should be aware of the needs of different generations, and tailor their management style accordingly. The chief executive of recruitment firm PeopleCo, Jo Collier, says that while it is easy to blame people in their 20s (often generation Y) when it comes to needing new management approaches to the workplace, other generations have contributed to the changes, too.

Written by Jane Lindhe21 Oct. 07 21:00