Stories by Derek Parker

Made in China

The key part of the story of the 21st Century, so far, is of China leaping into the front rank of economic performers, and there are few areas where the transformation is more obvious than in the development and application of technology. The pattern has been highlighted by Rebecca Fannin, author of a new book, Silicon Dragon: How China is Winning the Tech Race, which closely examines a dozen Chinese leading technology companies, and includes interviews with their founders.
Fannin, also the international editor of the Hong Kong-based weekly magazine Asian Venture Capital Journal, finds a remarkable sense of energy as well as problems that will need to be overcome before the country's tech sector can fulfil its potential. She is careful to underline connections of the new wave of Chinese firms with the United States, noting that much of China's technology wave is underwritten by US venture capital, much of which flows through Silicon Valley.

Written by Derek Parker23 June 08 22:00

The CIO revolution

The emerging themes are innovation, integration and imagination. The challenge for CIOs is to expand their expertise beyond the IT field, equipping themselves with a broad and deep understanding of the company and its business environment.
They have to know their fellow executives as people. In this view, if CIOs want to be part of the C-level, they benefit from a mixed background, gained through exposure to a range of projects and responsibilities in the company, and often complemented by formal study or training.

Written by Derek Parker30 Jan. 05 22:00