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Fight club

Fight or flight. It's modern-day jargon for the way - using either aggression or withdrawal - we react to perceived threats. Robert Redenbach, developer of a proprietary unarmed combat method in the 1990s, author and motivational speaker to corporate groups, doesn't spend a lot of time talking about flight. His specialty is fight: how to deal with the physical symptoms of fear, how to hit back and, most importantly, how to maintain a sense of yourself and your goals in high-pressure situations. He has developed a perspective that is not for the meek, and he has some top tips for today's corporate warriors.
Few members of Redenbach's business audiences face the prospect of direct physical danger. But many of them are fascinated by the idea of adapting military combat techniques to the theatre that is today's workplace.

Written by Pru Moodie14 June 08 22:00