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Ten tips to secure the best legal advice

In bridging the gap between technology and business, the CIO is often the primary contact with external legal providers — particularly on large outsourcing or procurement deals. Choosing the right lawyer and properly managing that relationship can help a CIO achieve his or her desired business outcomes.
As an external legal provider, I have learned some approaches clients can take to get the best value for money out of their legal services. The following are my top 10 tips for managing relationships with external legal providers.

Written by Heidi Leslie08 June 08 22:00

Protecting information

It is now commonplace for companies to enter into non-disclosure or confidentiality agreements before they share confidential information with other organisations. It is a good precaution to take, in particular if companies also clearly mark their confidential documents as “confidential”, leaving no doubt as to whether the obligations of confidentiality apply to them.
Putting in place the protections needed upfront are among the issues to be considered by the chief information officer when dealing with outsourcing contracts or projects, especially when valuable intellectual property or trade secrets are involved.

Written by Heidi Leslie10 March 08 22:00

Make your online contracts binding

How prominent do terms and conditions need to be on a website in order for them to be binding?
What level of assent is required? Does a customer have to click “I agree” or “OK” to show they understand and agree to the terms of the agreement?

Written by Heidi Leslie02 Dec. 07 22:00