Stories by Chris Larsen

Out-of-office experience

Real estate agents have embraced technology in all but perhaps the most important area - the business model.
Agents were among the first in business to realise the power of mobile phones and were enthusiastic adopters.

Written by Chris Larsen23 May 08 22:00

Ideas on the march

Kim Dawson is Jones Lang LaSalle's high priestess of ideas. She has been with the commercial property agency for six years, most of those as a property and asset manager.
But in April last year she was approached by the group's Australian chief executive, Christine Bartlett, to take up the position of innovation director. Bartlett wanted an internally focused business unit to capture then promote and nurture ideas within the company. Dawson and an assistant are it. "As an organisation, we knew that to grow and remain competitive, innovation was key," she says. "We were also very aware that it is not only senior management that have good ideas but often the key ideas come from those working in the field, those in touch with our clients and using our technology on a daily basis."

Written by Chris Larsen06 Sept. 07 22:00