Stories by Leora Moldofsky

Right heir, right now

At the base of Victoria's rugby union scrum in the early 1990s, 1.98 metre-tall Cameron Clyne put considerable effort into pushing New Zealanders backwards. As boss of National Australia Bank's New Zealand operations, he is now out to help them fly. The first thing to go when he arrived at the head office in Auckland was all the partitions to provide the open-plan - or is that free-running? - environment he prefers.
"It connects you more with your executive team and makes the team much more accessible to general staff," the 40-year-old Clyne says. In his previous role heading group development at NAB, Clyne worked closely with chief executive John Stewart. "If [staff] wander down and see you sitting at your desk, they are more likely to approach you if they have an idea or, more importantly, a problem." The arrangement means he "just has a desk [with] a window looking into another building". But as he spends much of his time visiting the bank's 6000 staff who "are spread right across New Zealand, I am not too fussed about the view".

Written by Leora Moldofsky25 April 08 22:00