Stories by Gideon Haigh

The iniquity of equity

First, a proposition: Cchief executives are among the laziest, most slovenly, most delinquent individuals in our society. When not simply staring out the window, they are inclined to spend hours sleeping under their desks, working on their tans, and playing endless games of tic-tac-toe. Given the opportunity, their tastes tend towards erecting towering statues of themselves in poses reminiscent of Napoleon. Left unrestrained, they are inclined to simply give away vast sums of company money to people met at random in the street.
Hmmm, you are thinking: None of this is true. The chief executives you know work incredibly hard. They have to ask their secretaries if they are still married. They last saw their children in 1994. The closest they come to reading a book for recreation is when they glance at the blurb on a Tom Clancy jacket while passing through the airport. So how can I possibly say they are essentially slothful, work-shy and feckless?

Written by Gideon Haigh02 April 08 23:00