Stories by Emma Connors

The body snatchers

It looked as if the team had simply gone to lunch, as they had dozens of times before. The difference was that the team leader, a Melbourne-based partner in a major legal firm, was considering a job offer from another firm. She wanted to take her team with her, although they didn't know that yet. At lunch she told them about her plan to move, figuring that that would plant the seed.
At roughly the same time, 1100 kilometres north in Sydney, a senior investment bank executive who wants to be known as Steven was sitting down with a headhunter in a quiet coffee shop located some blocks away from the financial heart of the city.

Written by Emma Connors07 Feb. 08 22:00

The career path to enlightenment

Bond trader turned cinematographer Jules O'Loughlin has some advice for anyone contemplating a dramatic change in career.
"You are never too old but if you decide to make a change later in life, you have to be completely dedicated. You must have a take-no-prisoners approach," he says.

Written by Emma Connors29 Jan. 08 22:00

The way back for Big Blue

How do you zap some energy back into a fading giant?
IBM Australia and NZ chief Glen Boreham reckons it calls for an unconventional approach. His collaborative style of leadership has been instrumental in IBM's recent turnaround in Australia. But he also disavows the long-held management mantra that you should avoid change for change's sake.

Written by Emma Connors26 Oct. 07 21:00

Part-time hits the big time

On Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays, Roy Jackson works for IBM with large financial companies, translating their business needs into computer programs. He spends Thursdays and Fridays writing songs for a pop rock band, the Krills.
A tight labour market and fierce competition for talent mean you no longer have to get pregnant or old to negotiate flexible hours. Jackson is one of a growing number who have shrunk their working week to pursue other interests.

Written by Emma Connors10 Oct. 07 21:00

The road to Bangalore

We are just a few minutes into an interview at Australia and New Zealand Banking Group’s Cherry Hills centre in Bangalore, India, when the lights dim.
Fred Bertram, who runs the place, explains it’s just another blackout.

Written by Emma Connors12 Sept. 07 22:00

CIOs impress with change focus

Keeping the data flowing and the BlackBerry devices working is no longer enough for chief information officers. They now also have to engineer organisational change to impress the boss.
Research by MIT's Sloan School of Management has discovered links between a company's financial performance and the way its executives view the CIO role.

Written by Emma Connors29 Aug. 07 22:00