Stories by Bernard Kellerman

The buzz around BI

The value of business intelligence is more than information dissemination. As Gartner's business intelligence (BI) research director, Neil McMurchy, notes, BI is "an umbrella term for applications, infrastructure, platforms, tools and best practices, which enable the analysis of information to optimise decisions and performance". Gartner backed this up with a survey that showed BI was clearly at the top of CIOs' technology priorities during 2007 (see table below).
"We believe that BI capabilities will become more pervasive in operational and workplace applications as organisations seek to use BI to lead, support decisions, explore, measure, manage and optimise their businesses and thereby drive business transformation," McMurchy said in a recent presentation.

Written by Bernard Kellerman29 Dec. 07 22:00

Everyone's business

If your company's IT costs are blowing out, don't blame the chief information officer. It's all those processes that are just variations on a theme that are costing big bucks, according to two well-credentialled European consultants.
One of them is Thomas Volk, chief executive and acting CFO of German multinational business consulting firm IDS Scheer. He is waving the flag for what is often seen as a fuzzy concept - business process management.

Written by Bernard Kellerman20 Aug. 07 22:00