Stories by Vikki Bland and Ulrika Hedquist

Changing spaces

When the New Zealand Defence Force moved to a new building in Wellington after 60 years working from its former premises, three people walked off the job on the first day. Richard Hitchcock, senior project manager for IT and Telephony, says when changing premises and associated ICT systems it pays not to underestimate the effect on individuals.
“We had some big HR change management issues from day one. Sixteen people had to take time off within two months as a result of hip problems caused by the move from a wooden-floored workplace to carpet and concrete. And as a result of the new open plan office and a new interaction of military and civilian staff, three people simply didn’t turn up for work again,” says Hitchcock.

Written by Vikki Bland and Ulrika Hedquist05 Dec. 07 22:00