Stories by Helen Meredith

Strange bedfellows in a virtualisation world

The trend towards minimising energy use by servers by the technique known as virtualisation has triggered new partnerships, some between long-term rivals.
One company experiencing a culture shock is Microsoft which has been forced to cosy up to some industry peers in order to consolidate its position in the new stakes, which involves switching work load between servers.

Written by Helen Meredith29 Sept. 07 22:00

Warming up to SaaS

Renting software and accessing it through a website sounds like a good idea and has been pushed endlessly by sections of the IT industry, but the idea has been having trouble gaining traction.
But analysts now seem to have a better fix on the SaaS (Software as a Service) trend and they say small to mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) are coming on board.

Written by Helen Meredith28 Sept. 07 22:00