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10 new realities driving government ICT

The government ICT landscape is evolving rapidly as budgets tighten, traditional approaches to ICT management are found wanting and technology innovation creates new options.

Written by Steve Hodgkinson, Ovum30 July 13 08:18

Target market: Public sector CIOs

Let’s face it, the dialogue between government and ICT companies is often vexed and inefficient. Suppliers feel that government keeps its procurement cards too close to its chest, while CIOs come to resent the endless meetings with earnest folk fishing for leads and ‘strutting their stuff’.
Effective dialogue is, however, in everyone’s interests. An innovative and timely proposal or technology briefing from a trusted supplier can add real value to a CIO’s strategy and planning. From the other side, some opportune information about an agency’s challenges and intentions can enable suppliers to build the right capabilities and put their best foot forward in proposals.

Written by Steve Hodgkinson, Ovum31 July 07 22:00