Stories by Lauren Keller Johnson

Silo busting from the top

Customer satisfaction scores are sagging. Key clients are threatening to bail. Revenue projections that once seemed easily attainable are quickly slipping out of reach. But you’re not one to go down without a fight, so with your CEO’s blessing, you put together an ambitious plan that should get the numbers heading north again?–?if everyone in your organisation would get on board and pull in the same direction.
Trouble is, this crew seems to struggle to remember that they all have to row together. IT folks are loyal to IT first, to the company a distant second. The same goes for sales. Ditto for design.

Written by Lauren Keller Johnson31 Aug. 06 22:00

Don't let conflict land you on a stretcher

You've probably witnessed this for yourself: Two managers in your organisation go head to head in a grab for power, position or pay. Soon, their teams start taking sides, making communication and collaboration impossible to achieve.
This scenario represents a particularly destructive brand of conflict, according to Michael Feiner, a professor at Columbia University's Graduate School of Business

Written by Lauren Keller Johnson30 April 05 22:00