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Australian gov't assesses electronic services

A significant challenge for Australian government in developing electronic services is working out what specific services people need electronically and what the value is to both government and people in deploying these services. A new product of the Australian government, the Demand and Value Assessment Methodology, helps government agencies assess the relevance of the services they provide.
Until the Australian government's E-government Benefits Study was published in 2003, information on the benefits to people and business of e-government services was often underestimated by agencies. In fact, it wasn't clear whether customers really wanted or valued the e-services being provided. Government recognized the need for consistent methods of assessing demand and value and consistent mechanisms for measuring e-government service delivery. A key component of the study was to define an approach and methodology for measuring both the demand for an e-service and the potential value of the e-service.

Written by Eric Abetz24 Aug. 05 22:00