Stories by Patrick Smith

Pump up the value!

Sweat those assets! Tighten that TCO! Pick up that ROI! Pump up the value! Pump up the value!
Are we having fun yet? More than ever, businesses will be looking for return on investment in 2003 and CIOs will be in the gun to make expensive IT resources earn their keep and add value to the bottom line.

Written by Patrick Smith13 Aug. 05 22:00

Penguin in flight

The last thing Andrew Care would call himself is a Linux geek. If anything, says Air New Zealand’s acting CIO, “I’m an IT cynic; I’m not one of the brigade that’s out there modifying Linux, and I was actually surprised at how well it’s gone into organisations, especially large ones.”

Written by Patrick Smith16 Nov. 02 22:00

It's the customer, stupid!

Alastair Hutchens has plenty to be upbeat about as general manager of Loyalty New Zealand, the Wellington-based company that manages the Fly Buys programme. Not only has Fly Buys just achieved the highest household penetration of any loyalty programme in the world, but the leader of its 50-seat Auckland call centre has been named call centre manager of the year.

Written by Patrick Smith31 Aug. 02 22:00