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RFID for your PDA

There has been a lot of discussion lately that RFID is going to be the next wave in data collection, covering a wide range of applications. Now PDA and PDA accessory manufacturers are coming to the party. Symbol has released new PDAs running Windows CE with RFID, Wi-Fi, barcode reading and optional Bluetooth in a rugged device that has a drop specification of two metres to concrete. At the other end of the scale, Syware have got together with Socket and developed an RFID card that will drop into a Pocket PC’s Compact Flash slot, whilst Trade Winds has one for an SDIO slot. The devices can operate as a keyboard wedge without any software at all, which could make for very simple data collection using standard apps such as Pocket Excel, or you could develop applications using your favourite development environment such as Visual CE mobile database software.

Written by Luigi Cappel12 June 05 22:00

Push-To-Talk, aka PTT

I have been invited to attend Push-to-Talk World Asia, a Singapore conference where the latest developments in PTT – “the next big thing in telecommunications” – will be presented. PTT sounds like something I used to sell back in my two-way radio days, and it is in a way. It is a service that provides simple communication with other PTT-enabled devices such as cellphones and smartphones.

Written by Luigi Cappel26 Oct. 04 21:00

Users flock to user group

Is the world is passing me by, or is it just that people think of me as being Mr. Palm? I’ve only just discovered that New Zealand has a Windows Mobile User Group running regular meetings in Auckland and Wellington. It appears that this group was established by NZ.Net to provide a community resource around the use of mobile technology (based around Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform) for individuals.
I have heard of user groups for Palm and the Pocket PC in the US and Europe but was caught totally unaware on this one. The first meeting was held in Wellington in July and 85 people – a huge number – attended. The user group also has a mailing list, so if you want to make sure you don’t miss out on the opportunity to participate, you should point your mouse at

Written by Luigi Cappel26 Oct. 04 21:00