Stories by Byron Kalies

Love your critics

I once went to a seminar where complaints were described as snowflakes. They are rare, precious and absolutely unique. You cannot buy them. They are the best feedback you will ever get. Someone has taken the time to tell you something you did not know about your business, I hope. You should cherish them.
I would definitely agree with the sentiment. However, when I managed a betting office and had a six-foot-six-inch thug with a shotgun demanding money for a bet he had put on too late, I did not quite see him as a snowflake or felt like cherishing him very much.

Written by Byron Kalies29 Nov. 04 22:00

Time is on your side

Management is a funny old game, especially in specialist areas such as IT. Excellent computer technicians get promoted to management for behaving in a certain way. They get rewarded for achieving results by themselves. When they become managers they are told to behave differently. They now have to get results from others.
The control has suddenly shifted to the staff and the IT director starts saying: "This can't be right. I thought when I became manager I'd have more control - not less."

Written by Byron Kalies30 Oct. 04 21:00