Stories by Jason Snell and Jim Dalrymple

Steve Jobs unveils Apple mini stores

At a private viewing at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, Calif., Apple Computer unveiled a new 750-square-foot "mini" design for its retail store. The first six stores using the design, which Apple CEO Steve Jobs -- in his first public appearance since cancer surgery -- described as "designed to be small, and cool because (they) are small" .
The new stores feature a striking new design inside the small space, which is roughly half the size of Apple's smallest and most common retail outlets. The ceiling is an unbroken expanse of white, lit from behind; the walls are Japanese-made stainless steel (with Power Mac G5-style holes around the top of the walls for ventilation purposes); and the floor is a shiny white made, according to Jobs, of "material used in aircraft hangars."

Written by Jason Snell and Jim Dalrymple14 Oct. 04 21:00