Stories by Divina Parades

Wanted: Champions of the Cloud mobile era

Exactly a year after taking on the top role at VMware, Pat Gelsinger says the period of disruption has become greater, and warns, the “fastest will win”. The four trends of social, mobile, Cloud and Big Data are affecting consumer and business IT, says Gelsinger.

Written by Divina Parades28 Aug. 13 07:49

Compliance concerns

Enterprises are much more interested in management of an increasingly wide variety of data and in particular of unstructured data, such as email and images.
These views emerged during a recent conference organised by Interwoven for its Asia-Pacific customers.

Written by Divina Parades30 Sept. 04 22:00

Well-intentioned but risky acts

Financial services firms make a lot of noise about the rise of identity theft and fraud coming from phishing, key loggers and internet attacks.
Forrester, however, points out some of the practices of these firms actually contribute to the effectiveness of identity theft and fraud scams.

Written by Divina Parades30 Sept. 04 22:00