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Supply links in ‘real time’

You may have heard some vendors talk about e-business on demand, adaptive infrastructure or agile business. Gartner calls it “the real time enterprise”, Forrester dubs it “organic IT”. The vendors are treating this as the great hope for their collective salvation from the doldrums of the tech bust. The questions are, though, what is this idea and what is it useful for?
It turns out to be a fairly slippery concept to define or communicate to customers. On first hearing a phrase like e-business on demand, you could be forgiven for thinking the vendor is re-badging the old timeshare computing idea from the 1960s. There are two main ideas at work here. Firstly, there is the concept of making your data centre more responsive – then there is the idea of using IT to make your organisation more responsive to the demands of your business environment.

Written by Edward Sargisson30 Jan. 04 22:00