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Hand to spam combat: what every CIO should know

You have to make some decisions about controlling spam -- and make them soon. In the rapidly escalating cyber-war on internet pollution there's no quarter given, and the firefight is turning vicious. Barbarians are swarming out of the badlands, but there's no shortage of anti-spam warriors promising that they alone possess the ultimate weapon.
By now you're probably sick to death of hearing about the spam problem, but have you been able to make an informed decision as to what to do about it? While lengthy debate on the feasibility of anti-spam legislation continues, and internet service providers scramble to install some kind of solution, a word to the wise: beware of low-cost, quick and easy fixes as you sit at the helm of your organisation's fight for perimeter security. There are filters and there are filters, and not all are created equal. Some can even be downright hazardous.

Written by Richard Jowsey05 Nov. 03 22:00