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Code, load and explode

Data integration is critical to all large systems projects, yet it is almost always grossly underestimated as a factor by even the most experienced IT and business professionals. Air New Zealand’s deputy chief information officer Andrew Care agrees. Despite having best practice documentation procedures in place for IT systems, the airline was surprised by its lack of understanding of source systems and data during its journey through an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) implementation. Clearly, even the best-prepared and managed companies endure the traumas of data integration, with application integration almost always being the easy bit.
Managing director of data management consultancy MIP, Steve Hitchman, says all large systems projects require a substantial investment in data integration. Customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other major business systems implementations will require data to be migrated and integrated in order for the new system to function properly.

Written by Craig Healy30 Oct. 03 22:00