Stories by Mike Prendergast

Challenges in business process enablement

Business leaders around the world have become increasingly more demanding with their IT departments. The time has come for IT to live up to its long-held promise to deliver radical operational and cost efficiencies, as well as improved business flexibility. Tired of ROI studies that looked good on paper but are often forgotten once the funding has been secured, chief executives are now keeping a close watch on IT investments to ensure the commensurate returns.
In addition, there has been an onset of ‘e-business on demand’ – phase three of the e-business phenomenon. This is primarily characterised by change; not a one-off fundamental shift in structure, but a period of constantly evolving business requirements. Companies accustomed to planning for the next quarter in the short-term – and five to 10 years in the long-term – are now faced with a business environment demanding immediate response, flexibility and decisiveness.

Written by Mike Prendergast31 July 03 22:00