Stories by Bernard P. Wess Jr

Web services: Antidote for anarchy

The rapid growth of biopharma, health care, and regulatory systems has resulted in process and information anarchy. Business process management (BPM) has become too complex, geographically dispersed, time dependent, and bureaucratic to remain managed by people exclusively. Although new telecommunications and data standards are slowly emerging, in general, each organization within the pharmaceutical value chain has been left to determine for itself how and when to integrate its information systems platforms -- computers, operating systems, applications, storage, and so on.
In traditional enterprise systems models, most processes associated with business management are performed by individuals, not software. However, in industries where software facilitates the management of business processes (for example, financial services and manufacturing), the strategic focus has been on developing reference IT architectures using Internet-based Web services and BPM driven by software, with humans cast in the supporting role. Dell Computer Corp. and Fidelity Management are examples of enterprises using software-driven BPM.

Written by Bernard P. Wess Jr12 May 03 22:00