Stories by Kenneth Percy and Michael Hommer

Tips from the trenches on VoIP

In a voice-over-IP deployment, the hotspots aren't as obvious as you might think. The clear-cut decisions center on VoIP-specific products such as IP phones, IP PBXs and voice gateways, but weaknesses in your data network will become magnified when you introduce VoIP.
The first question to ask in order to avoid some post-deployment surprises is: In what kind of shape is my existing network? Real-time voice traffic will be affected by any bottleneck on the network. A delay of 1 second in retrieving a data file from a server because of congestion might be barely noticeable to the user, but add just 50 millisec of delay on a phone call and it's the difference between high-quality and very poor-quality voice communications.

Written by Kenneth Percy and Michael Hommer30 March 03 22:00