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The art of dealing with IBM services

IBM Corp. president and CEO Samuel J. Palmisano proclaimed, "the client is the driving force" behind his giant company's US$3.5 billion acquisition of New York City-based PWC Consulting, a deal that was approved by the PWC partners on Oct. 2. But analysts watching the deal say CIOs who are customers of IBM Global Services and PWC Consulting would do well to approach the combined IT services superpower with caution during the next year.

Written by Trendlines06 Nov. 02 22:00

When projects go wrong

PROJECT MANAGEMENT You have a job that will take 100 hours to complete, so you schedule it over five weeks. That’s 20 hours a week. So what do you do? You say to yourself that the first 20 hours won’t be too hard to make up. After all, you’ve got a whole lot of other urgent work to do. So you put your project on hold, and it isn’t long before you’ve suddenly got 50 hours a week over two weeks to finish the job. Inevitably, other things get in the way and you find yourself running late.
It gets worse. Ask yourself who gets rewarded? Certainly not the team that works sedately and according to the 20 hours a week schedule. No, the heroes in management’s eyes are the people who work exhaustingly long hours and then bring in a project that’s probably just adequate. Haven’t they worked hard? Aren’t they heroes of the highest order?

Written by Trendlines05 Nov. 02 22:00