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Nanotech revolution

When it comes to matter, size really does matter. The properties of materials that we notice color, hardness, electrical conductivity and so on all depend on the nature and structure of the constituent atoms and molecules. With increasing ability to design and build on an atomic and molecular scale a reasonable definition of nanotechnology we are becoming better and better at developing materials with entirely new properties. Those materials, in turn, become the building blocks for more complex systems and entirely new products.
But when an emerging technology is the subject of as much hype as nanotech, it's easy to tune out and stop listening. That would be a big mistake. If we ignore the unsupported claims and misguided speculation, especially about what might be achieved in the near term there remain solid reasons to expect significant long-term developments in what the National Science Foundation estimates to be a trillion-dollar-plus industry during the next 10 to 15 years.

Written by Thomas N. Theis03 Oct. 02 22:00