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Investing in Web services

Web services has sold the technology industry a promise: the potential to redefine the way software is written, delivered, managed and sold. For those who recall the epic battle between DCOM and Corba a decade ago, the arguments will sound familiar. Yet it's still unclear if the Web services model will actually become the promised industry revolution, or simply serve as a feature set for tomorrow's products from today's well-established players. It makes me think of a sage comment from the great Yogi Berra: "It's like déjà vu all over again."
Web services is an amorphous blob of business apps, and different players define it differently. Ultimately it can be described as any application delivered over the Internet and accessed by almost any device, from PCs to mobile phones. What Web services can offer is a set of shared protocols and standards that permit systems to share data and services without requiring humans to broker the conversation. The result promises to be "on-the-fly" links between the online processes of different companies.

Written by Steve Baloff29 Sept. 02 22:00