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Why you should fear phishing more than data breaches

A recent study from Google and UC Berkeley examined the various ways accounts are compromised, and determined that phishing attacks – not data breaches – pose the most risk to users when it comes to lost access.

Written by Steve Ragan14 Nov. 17 01:00

Inside the thriving ransomware market

Researchers at Carbon Black examined the Ransomware market and discovered some interesting facts about the booming criminal economy. Mirroring some of the legal technology markets, such as those for software development, the market for Ransomware is dominated by unique custom solutions and turnkey offerings.

Written by Steve Ragan20 Oct. 17 21:00

8 top cyber-attack maps and how to use them

Cyber-attack maps can be fun to look at, but are they useful? As usual, when it comes to security context is key, so CSO looked at eight of the web's most popular cyber-attack maps. While the maps themselves are mostly eye candy with limited context, there are some creative ways they can be used.

Written by Steve Ragan22 Aug. 17 02:09

Q&A: The myths and realities of hacking an election

Election hacking has become a key topic during this year's presidential elections, more so now that candidates and voters are being actively targeted by actors that are assumed to be acting with Russian support. In this modified edition of CSO Online's Hacked Opinions series, we explore the myths and realities of hacking an election, by speaking with a number of security experts.

Written by Steve Ragan05 Oct. 16 22:00

After Paris, ISIS moves propaganda machine to Darknet

Less than a day after the horrific attacks in Paris, ISIS has taken the Al-Hayat propaganda machine to the Darknet and published a new video celebrating the Paris attacks.

Written by Steve Ragan16 Nov. 15 08:03

The FBI isn't wrong; sometimes you will have to pay the ransom

Last week, during the 2015 Cyber Security Summit in Boston, Special Agent Joseph Bonavolonta said that the FBI's advice for some Ransomware attacks is to pay the ransom. Unfortunately, that might be the best option in some cases.

Written by Steve Ragan28 Oct. 15 00:14

IRS breach larger than initially reported, 220,000 taxpayers affected

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) said on Monday that the data breach reported in May is larger than previously reported, impacting an additional 220,000 taxpayers, bringing the total to 330,000. In addition, the agency will send 170,000 taxpayers notifications that their personal information was potentially exposed during the incident.

Written by Steve Ragan18 Aug. 15 14:41

In Pictures: Hacking Team's hack curated

Hacking Team, a firm best known for helping governments spy on their citizens, has been hacked. Here's a curated look at the documents, contracts, and code discovered by researchers sorting the data online.

Written by Steve Ragan08 July 15 08:03

Social Engineering: The dangers of positive thinking

CSO Online recently spoke to a person working in the security field with a rather unique job. He's paid to break into places, such as banks and research facilities (both private and government), in order to test their resistance to social engineering and physical attacks.

Written by Steve Ragan06 Jan. 15 03:17

FBI memo warns of malware possibly linked to hack at Sony Pictures

A Flash Alert issued by the FBI on Monday is warning those within its distribution circle about a type of malware that has the ability to destroy any system it infects. The memo, #A-000044-MW, was obtained by Salted Hash from a source that wishes to remain anonymous.

Written by Steve Ragan03 Dec. 14 07:48