Stories by Sharon Florentine

Everything you need to know about Gen Z

The newest generation of workers is getting ready to walk through your doors and get to work. Here’s what makes them tick.

Written by Sharon Florentine21 June 18 05:39

The hidden truths of IT’s gender pay gap

The gender pay gap in IT is real. But delve deeper into the data, and the underlying reasons for pay inequity — discrepancies in roles, leadership and opportunities — come to light.

Written by Sharon Florentine25 April 18 03:19

How to set effective workplace harassment policies

How your organization proactively addresses harassment and discrimination issues is critical to maintaining a productive, collaborative and respectful workplace culture. Here's how to set policies that matter.

Written by Sharon Florentine23 Feb. 18 22:00

The one major downside of employee referrals

While it’s true that employee referrals often result in more loyal and productive hires, companies targeting innovation or growth should beware the unwanted impact referrals can have on your workforce.

Written by Sharon Florentine20 Feb. 18 22:00

Why your company needs a CHRO

What’s the biggest HR mistake you can make? Not hiring a chief human resources officer. Here’s what to look for in filling this key workplace culture leadership role.

Written by Sharon Florentine16 Feb. 18 22:00

10 critical security skills every IT team needs

Focus on hiring talent with the following security skills and your team will be equipped to prevent, protect and mitigate the damage of cybersecurity attacks — and speed recovery efforts.

Written by Sharon Florentine30 Sept. 17 16:05

The most valuable cloud computing certifications today

Looking for an edge in today’s IT job marketplace? Benchmark your cloud computing knowledge and skills with one — or more — of these highly regarded cloud computing certifications.

Written by Sharon Florentine13 July 17 20:00

7 agile certifications to take your career to the next level

The agile methodology has changed the face of software development and project management, and has increased demand for professionals with agile knowledge and experience. Here are seven agile-focused certifications to benchmark your knowledge.

Written by Sharon Florentine22 June 17 20:00