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IT recruiters mine social media for hidden tech talent

Like most Internet-savvy folks, IT professionals leave bits and pieces of their personal information and professional history scattered across many different social media sites - it's a trail of valuable information for IT recruiters, but it's not an easy one to follow.

Written by Sharon Florentine30 Sept. 13 05:51

How to Improve Your IT Job Prospects by Volunteering

Unemployed? Don't sit at home and wait (and hope) for an opportunity. Volunteering your IT skills is a way to keep current and show potential employers your business and technical acumen, your character and your drive.

Written by Sharon Florentine23 Sept. 13 13:38

Demand for Cloud Skills Still Outpaces Supply of Workers

Cloud technology is a 'must-have' for organisations building out or replacing their data center architecture, but there's still a major cloud skills gap that's impeding faster adoption and growth

Written by Sharon Florentine19 Sept. 13 20:13

Finding your software religion

If you're looking for a career that combines your passion for software development with your communications skills, becoming a developer advocate may be the job for you. And if you're a software development manager, you may want to consider adding an evangelist to your team to spread the word about your tools and services.

Written by Sharon Florentine17 Sept. 13 17:21

Your Video Strategy May Hold the Key to Hiring Top Talent

If video and telepresence isn't a priority at your company, you may be missing out on the chance to hire and retain top technology professionals, according to a recent study.

Written by Sharon Florentine09 Sept. 13 15:19

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