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How to Build a Culture of Learning (and Why You Need to)

Change in the IT industry happens at a breakneck pace, and organizations that aren't fostering a "culture of learning" will be left behind. To survive and even flourish, CIO and other business leaders must create a culture of learning, which means embracing new information and innovations and leveraging those into a pipeline of talent, thus creating a competitive advantage.

Written by Sharon Florentine05 Nov. 14 02:02

6 Ways to Attract and Retain Female IT Talent

Women are good for business. While there's no magic formula businesses can use to shrink the (still abysmal) gender gap in technology, there are some concrete steps you can take to recruit, hire and retain female tech talent.

Written by Sharon Florentine31 Oct. 14 23:56

Building the Next Generation of Female IT Professionals

like most technology executives, jon bischke worries about attracting and retaining top talent and the ever-widening skills gap that's plagued the it industry for years. but bischke, ceo of entelo, a talent search, recruitment, hiring and staffing solution, is also troubled by the lack of women in the industry, and the ever-widening skills gap as women and minorities increasingly choose other professions.

Written by Sharon Florentine21 Oct. 14 00:23

Why Ruby Is the Crown Jewel in a Developer's Resume

Over the last five years, demand for Ruby on Rails skills has quadrupled and is proving to be a lucrative feather in the cap of developers, according to data from PayScale, an online salary, benefits and compensation information company.

Written by Sharon Florentine10 Oct. 14 05:12

How to Keep Morale High After a Layoff

Corporate restructuring and layoffs are an unfortunate, but inevitable, part of today's business climate. Keeping your remaining employees engaged, motivated and productive after a restructuring requires managers to be proactive, honest and consistent or risk alienating and losing even more key talent.

Written by Sharon Florentine08 Oct. 14 00:14

IT Leaders Aren't All Coming From Tech

The milestones along the traditional path to IT leadership look a lot like this: Earn a computer science degree, serve an IT internship, take development courses, gain coding experience, obtain certifications and sign up for management training specific to technology. However, as IT increasingly becomes a business strategy enabler, IT leaders are being promoted from places like the sales or marketing department.

Written by Sharon Florentine25 Sept. 14 05:23

Is Conflict the Secret to a Successful Business?

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable, but, if handled correctly, it can actually lead to a more engaged and productive workforce. The key is to maintain professionalism at all times and remember to be empathetic, says Piera Palazzolo, senior vice president, Dale Carnegie Training.

Written by Sharon Florentine23 Sept. 14 00:39

6 hot new IT roles for 2015

The pace of change in IT has always been brisk, but technology advances such as virtualization, the cloud, service management and a focus on information management and collaboration have forced businesses into a dead sprint to keep up. And as technology changes, so do the skills, knowledge and job roles needed to design, build, implement and manage these cutting-edge technologies. The majority of IT organizations aren't prepared for the battle, even as the war for talent rages on.

Written by Sharon Florentine08 Sept. 14 23:18

How C-Level Execs Can Learn to Speak Digital

When executives and IT teams aren't speaking the same language, projects fail, time and money are wasted, and collaboration and productivity suffer. But Decoded is looking to help overcome the "language barrier" and enhance collaboration between IT teams and C-level executives through one-day digital literacy classes.

Written by Sharon Florentine05 Sept. 14 01:14

How Far Will Businesses Go to Lure Developers

From sign-on bonuses to long-term equity bonus incentives to perks such as paying for the lease on a new Tesla, firms are upping the ante to attract and hire elite software development talent in a tight market.

Written by Sharon Florentine20 Aug. 14 06:26

How to Motivate Your IT Team After a Setback

It can be difficult enough to manage and motivate your teams when things are going well, but keeping morale high and people productive is even tougher if you've suffered a setback -- a failed project, layoffs, losing a major client -- or if personal issue are affecting a member of your team.

Written by Sharon Florentine13 Aug. 14 23:27

Construction Company CIO Builds a Better Business With the Cloud

There's no question the cloud has revolutionized the way global business is done - increasing efficiency, cutting costs and making collaboration simpler, even when customers and partners are half a world away. Vince Sarrubi, CIO of Webcor Builders, talks with about changing older workers' minds, finding technology "cheerleaders," and how his company has leveraged cloud technology to take a bricks-and-mortar business to new heights.

Written by Sharon Florentine01 Aug. 14 23:16

It's a Seller's Market for IT Professionals

While 70 percent of hiring managers plan to hire more IT pros in the second half of 2014, candidates are showing they're not willing to accept just any offer. In fact, 32 percent of hiring managers and recruiters said in a recent survey that their offers were being rejected, and a majority (61 percent) of respondents said candidates were asking for higher compensation than they did as recently as six months ago.

Written by Sharon Florentine31 July 14 03:20

How to judge a job candidate's personality (and why you should)

As an increasing number of companies are focusing on personality traits and potential cultural fit when hiring. These new interviewing tactics are designed to help recruiters and hiring managers uncover who candidates are -- rather than just what they can do.

Written by Sharon Florentine23 July 14 14:21