Stories by Jennie Vickers

When innovators and implementers work together

Sometimes, the best solution to an operational problem is already being applied in another sector – the key is to build teams that will recognise this possibility, writes IT lawyer Jennie Vickers.

Written by Jennie Vickers21 March 16 07:00

The CIO imperative to step up and influence: Impossible, improbable or unavoidable?

Technology is synonymous with innovation to many people in business, but do those people actually see strategic influence and innovation coming from CIOs and their tech teams, in today’s digital economy? The consensus at the end of 2014 from CIOs was that they do not, writes IT lawyer Jennie Vickers.

Written by Jennie Vickers13 April 15 06:00

Flexible working can only happen in a flexible building

Vodafone's philosophy that “work is what you do, not where you are” could ignite a movement towards new approaches to the way we work as the rebuild in Christchurch gathers pace, writes IT lawyer Jennie Vickers.

Written by Jennie Vickers03 April 15 06:00

CIO, CMO and lawyer collaboration in the ‘age of the customer’

Businesses that are customer obsessed and digitally driven are the winners in the digital economy. But the battle can be won if disruptive technologies are employed and everyone works together, writes IT lawyer Jennie Vickers.

Written by Jennie Vickers20 Aug. 14 11:47

Women in Technology: New Zealander Brydie Meinung at the 2013 America’s Cup

Every day of the Americas Cup and the Louis Vuitton racing, Virtual Eye's Brydie Meinung came into our homes through the 2D graphics superimposed onto the TV footage. We caught up with Brydie after Race 11 in Shed 29 on the San Francisco waterfront, where she explained and demonstrated what was involved in keeping the race graphics updated, current and relevant.

Written by Jennie Vickers11 Oct. 13 08:13